Adipokines, Inflammation & Metabolic Pathways

Obesity and weight problems

Adipokine and Obesity

Obesity and the ensuing illnesses (diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses and most cancers) signify a serious well being problem for the industrialized world. Over the previous ten years it has emerged that adipose tissue will not be an inert fats storage depot, however an essential endocrine organ, that secretes quite a few soluble elements and regulates many processes associated to glucose homeostasis, lipid and protein metabolism, starvation / satiety, inflammatory reactions, immune responses and vascular perform. Together, these elements are known as adipokines. Some are primarily made in adipose tissue (e.g. leptin and resistin), whereas others are traditional cytokines like TNF-α, IL-6, MCP-1, and IL-1, that are additionally synthesized in different tissues.

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Antibody arrays

Human Obesity Array Q1 ( QAH-ADI-1 )

Human Obesity Array Q2 ( QAH-ADI-2 )

Human Obesity Array Q3 ( QAH-ADI-2 )

Human L182 Array ( AAH-BLM-ADI-1 )

Human Obesity array C1 and G1 ( AAH-ADI 1 and AAH-ADI-G1 )

Human MMP Array Q1 ( QAH-MMP-1 )

Human IGF Signaling Array Q1 ( QAH-IGF-1 )

Human RTK Phosphorylation Array C1 and G1 ( AAH-PRTK-1 and AAH-PRTK-G1 )

Human cytokine array C5 and G5 ( AAH-CYT-5 and AAH-CYT-G5 )

Mouse Cytokine Array C5 and G5 ( A AM-CYT-5 and AAM-CYT-G5 )

Mouse L308 Array ( AAM-BLG-1 )

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